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Capture color in the wild with our new app!

“Simple. Fun. Addicting.” — Evelio Mattos, Editor-in-Chief, The Dieline

What is Found Palettes?

Found Palettes is a simple concept: finding color inspiration in the wild. Everyday color jumps out at us and we love to capture it, add a color palette, and share it. We receive submissions from our following of designers, artists, and creatives (and more!) to #foundpalettes. Now, we’re giving you the chance to share your own palettes with the release of our app!

Why did you make a Found Palettes app?

We want to enable our community to easily capture an awesome image, add a color palette to it, and share it with #foundpalettes.

We’re a group of three designers who love finding color in unexpected places. We wanted to share this with a community of like-minded people. After gaining a following on Instagram and Twitter, we decided to create an app to allow others to showcase the color that they snap + find.
Some of the latest Found Palettes

In our day jobs we collectively build apps, websites, brands, and social campaigns. We always knew we wanted to build something for the Found Palettes community, and we knew it was a utility to create the palettes we publish every day.

Potential use cases:

  1. Real time color palette creation with clients for brand or user interface development
  2. Memory and scrapbooking
  3. Cataloging color during travel
  4. Color inspiration for interior design
  5. Teaching kids about color
It’s a fun way to engage + collaborate with color for anyone!

Thank you from the Found Palettes Team!

Sara, Jess, Sofija & Alex

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