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The Cranium Files Chapter 2.1

The Winter Solstice Effect let up around ten minutes to midnight. The townsfolk began to slowly shake away the haziness and return to their senses, and the mist had all but disappeared. …

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Chapter 1

Author’s Note

This series is an amalgamation of my investigations into the people I share a dwelling with. While everything included herein is unequivocally true and rather fascinating, the details are also extremely private, to which end, I have changed all identifying markers. Names of the town’s inhabitants have been changed, names of their family and friends and pets and whatnot have been changed, the name of the town we live in has been changed, and even my own name has been changed.

Other than those facts, everything is undeniably true. If it were possible for me to dream, these investigations no doubt would have been the source of endless nightmares for the rest of my days, but as luck would have it, I cannot dream in any way, shape, or form. …

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A Short Horror Story

Several days ago, I came into possession of a camera while exploring the forest our town shares with Cornwall. The contents are endlessly disturbing and have been the source of my nightmares since, so I warn you to turn back now if you wish to save yourself from a similar fate.

No? Well, at least my conscience is clear.

I have managed to stitch together a story from the videos I found on the camera in the hopes that it will provide a greater understanding of the horrors it has bestowed upon me.


The camera clicked on and focused on a young man seemingly in his mid-twenties whom I now know to be Corden. …


Ajinkya Goyal

Storyteller and engineering student with a flair for dark fiction |

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