GDG Devfest Chennai

Being a developer is so easy,but becoming one is too hard as we try to create a magic which is never had beeen performed by other,these skills can never be gained by learning books or so, we should have the passion in building such skills.

The Real Deal!!

I am a person who does not like to curdle with books all the time,I would love to learn from others experiences and mistakes,I really dreamt of codes all the time which i didn’t knew and months passed by trying to find my space ,where at last I landed in Vajro. I am currently working as a Android Developer Intern.

It all started by exploring the search engine(Google),trying to find out events for developers like crazy,and landed up in so called event GDG Devfest Chennai-2016, I wondered is this happening in my own city In most cases technology events are conducted in Banglore rather than Chennai and I was glad about it,but to my anxiety the event registration was about to close in a day,so i rushed up in registering the event as soon as possible expecting for the invite to land up in my mail,but somehow I managed to get the invite from them.

GDG Developers event

I went to the event early morning 8'0 clock and registered myself and my expectation were high and I was curious to know what I am going to learn in this event.Their were totally five awesome speakers were ready to share their stuff with us,and I realized that I was one among the few who knew anything of what they are going to speak,my intentions gave me an alert that I should listen their talk carefully,which I did later.

The Racalas-StrayFactory

A developers event couldn’t be more energetic with the black sheep appearance, you would have heard of a youtube channel called RASCALAS their are well known for making viral videos and their web series Black Sheep,they came to entertain us with come standups of regards, colonel Rajendran is the father of famous rj Shyam Rajendran , the event was fun filled the whole black sheep character was portrayed out.

The EnnaDaRascalasteam

Breaking A Million!!

It’s all about a Facebook page “Amazing things around the world” which rose to fame and got the attention of more viewers and which was totally hitting high pageviews records,later the founders decided to launch WittyFeed which is quite know after Buzz Feed and how witty feed managed its traffic in engaging their audience,Ashwin Shankar CEO @Works who is evangelist helped to manage the traffic for wittyfeed,he shared his experience with us how he managed to solve the traffic which wittyfeed faced in their starting stages of development.

The Kabadiwalla Connect

The best innovative idea that made the Co-Founders Sonaal Bangera and Siddharth Hande who designed an App that helps people in indian cities manage their waste responsibly.Recykle is an app that helps people get the information they need to manage their waste responsibly at home. Get simple tips to help you segregate, sign-up for composting events and connect to your closest Kabadiwalla,its innovation has made NFN Labs to go places,they showcased how the team works in building such innovation and their next project would be an app for reselling movie tickets called as BuySell Tickets.

Firebase For Developers :)

Parul soi,Muthuramakrishnan Viswanathan gave us a demo on how google’s Firebase would be more useful for developers to implement for hosting and more,parse which was developed by facebook has decided to shutdown so google is trying toimplement their tool firebase as their competition,Parul soi explained pirate metrics for firebase and how this would help to improve the techniques of the analytics.

Disclaimer -”I apologize if my English is not good “