Ajit Pawar — The Hero of Maharashtra

Ajit Pawar has made quite a name for himself not only in politics but also as a good human being. Ajit Pawar has been in the maharashtra news for various humanitarian and development works.

Mr Pawar has played a role of a good samaritan every now and then. Once he noticed a car filled with five injured people on the highway outside Tiroda, near Nagpur. He made sure that the passengers were rushed to the hospital as soon as possible. In another incident, he spotted a victim of a road accident on the Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani ghat and took him to the nearby hospital in his own vehicle. He gave specific instructions to the hospital to provide adequate care and attention to the victim.

These incidents not only showed the kind of human being Ajit Pawar is but also brought to light the challenges in helping road accident victims. There are many people who get wary of helping road accident victims due to the unnecessary paperwork and hassles involved. Fortunately, the Supreme Court in India has enacted a Samaritan law for encouraging every passerby to help accident victims. This law has also made the experience in hospitals free of procedural and legal hassles.

Mr Ajit Pawar has done some tremendous development work in Maharashtra. For instance, he left no stones unturned in unleashing the potential of Baramati, his native constituency. Many people just saw Baramati as a barren land that was prone to famines but Mr Pawar gave a new life to the city as he took up the development work, solved the issues of farmers, helped them with sustainable infrastructure and so on. He also worked non-stop to ensure that there was supply of clean drinking water for the common people. He also made efforts to develop the industrial sector.

Today, Baramati has turned into a model city, boasting of the Hi-tech textile park, automobile assembly, steel processing and wine making industries.

From Ajit Pawar videos to Ajit Pawar news, there is a lot of information available on the internet about him and his humanitarian and development work.