Setbacks are for comebacks —

Do better the second time over —

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to restart your computer? Sure, you would have. Have you ever kick-started your bike because the self didn’t work? Sure, you would have.

Why were you in the situation in the first place? have you ever thought about it? It is simple because it was a demand from the universe to you. Your PC might have had enough of you putting it to sleep, maybe it was on for too long. The electric start might have failed and you probably had no other option but kick start it.

Kickstarting it might be tiresome for some people but for the bike to start at that moment, it is the only option. Maybe the bike needed it too. Maybe you needed it too. It is just a minor setback and when you get your bike fixed, you can go back to normal.

These setbacks and unrest may be something that was meant to happen at that moment. To give you trouble is not why it happened. Sometimes, yes but most of the time it might redirect you to something better, something hopeful.

Square one is your dojo. It is the only place that will remind you of why you started what you started. When you’re back to square one, it is the opportunity to build something better than you ever did before. It gives you peace in some cases and war in some other.

Sometimes you fall to just one level below instead of the square ones, it requires you to be better at something you missed out. Let’s say you’re a coder, the common errors you come across would be syntax errors, run-time errors and logic errors. These are simple setbacks but they’re needed for the program to work, right?

You try to solve it but you’re having trouble, then take help. Everybody loves to help because they think they know better and that’s why you ask them, it’s okay to smile and take that help. Not everyone will help you out of their generosity. The world is not obliged to be good to you because you are good.

The teeny tiny hurdles that you come across are there for a reason like the potholes in the roads. You can choose to slow down and cross it fine or you can go through the pothole to get your tire punctured or harm your suspension.

Bitter breaks are for the better.

You’ll never walk alone.



Human by luck. Engineer by choice. Salesman by chance.

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