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Stayin’ On Top Of Your Game — iOS Newsletters, Blogs/Developers, Companies To Follow

As a full-time iOS developer, everyday I’ll be paddling towards that tight project deadline against high winds. And, I seldom have time to stay in touch with latest trends, announcements, innovations, articles and open source inspirations surrounding iOS development. It’s difficult to stay on top of my game.

Can you relate?

Fortunately, I’ve found ways to stay informed of the new happenings in realm of iOS development. Several amazing newsletters shoot an email with their findings and great stuff; subscribe them! Companies and enthusiastic developers take time to publish fantastic blogs, awesome open source libraries and regularly send out blue ravens; FOLLOW them.

Here, I’ve listed Newsletters, Blogs, People, Companies and other resources that help me to keep up-to-date as an iOS and Swift developer.

Newsletters — Curated

All the pointers neatly organized 👍.


New posts ✨. They stay quietly in my endless reading list.

Fellow Developers I Follow

Gratitude. They helps us code better. 👏👏.

Curated Collections

A similar version of this post 🍻.


Design is pivotal.

Talks, Screencasts & Videos

*searches for lost left side Airpod 🙉.


Finally, have you ever searched for “Awesome” on Github?
(Each entry below is in incremental order of being awesome)


$ humor me
$ sudo humor me
“Okay, check this out”




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