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Did you forget to push the code to the version control system ?. Here is the easy way to automate the commit and push the source code to any version control system using Apple Script Editor

Step 1 :

Create a new branch for the project (eg- development) also make sure your current workspace ie. development.

Step 2 :

Open Apple Script copy & paste the below code, change the project path and commit messages and time interval to commit & push the source code

Step 3 :

Save and export the script as application

Step 4 :

Make the application run at system startup, open System Preferences -> Users &…

An Android library is like JAR files, the Android ARchive(AAR) bundle is the binary distribution of an Android Library Project.

Apart from JAR file, AAR contain resources as well as compiled byte-code and assets are not supported. we can make library modules which can be used as dependencies in Android projects.

1.Getting started

In Android Studio each library is a module. To create a new library module in an existing Android project.

select  File ▸ New ▸ New Module and select Android Library.

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React is a javascript library for building user interfaces which is developed by Jordan Walke. React Native is used to build mobile apps of both Android and iOS using JavaScript. We can build apps faster instead of recompiling, and also reload app instantly with the help of Hot Reloading.

Getting Started

Step 1.

Download and install Node & npm. Open terminal and check the node and npm version.

node -v

Step 2.

Run the following command to install `Watchman`.

brew install watchman

Step 3.

Final step to install React native

npm install -g react-native-cli

Step 4.

Run the following command to check the current version of React native installed in…

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