2017 Will Be The Year Of Interactive Email
David Bailey

This was an interesting read. Thanks David. While some comments here may have already expressed this, I think emails are still not where we want it to be as compared to web and apps. While I agree app usage is declining, web still has the upper hand over email. Just look at the kind of support you get from email clients. Gmail for instance on Android has too many compatibility issues — and it has a huge user base. Look at Outlook support which is equally bad and there’s a huge user base there (many businesses still use Outlook and employees use work email at times). In my opinion, a faster website, responsive design should get you what you need. Emails can only be well written and catchy to get your user to click on that CTA and arrive on the webpage. Emails can be an excellent way of reaching out to customers when email clients let you use JS. That day would be awesome ☺

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