Generic Medications and trade names made by some pharmacological companies are lot cheaper and as good ! -Dr Ajit Kumar Agrwal

Dr Ajit Kumar Agrwal

Generic Medications and trade names made by some pharmacological companies are lot cheaper and as good !

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People tell me that they have reduced the medication expenses to one third from earlier expenses.

The scientific Medical treatment or ? allopathic treatment is expensive partly because of medicines and investigation. Most of the medications which are proved by trials are available in Generic names and the cost of generic medications are one fourth of their trade name. Many Indian companies are champion in producing generic preparation. They have a flourishing market in US, Europe and other developed world and their stock price is very high. Thus we are happy to supply generic medications to the world, but can not do it in our own country. Doctors are generally blamed to be the reason. Even when doctor prescribe the generic preparation they are not available in the nearby pharmacy and the cycle goes on. 3 years ago, when I came to India from UK (& lived in India for an year and went back again and now permanently here for good) and planned to open a generic medicine store. The law is if I want to keep a drug eg Ramipril many drug producers make ramipril. If a doctor prescribe ramipril the dispensing chemist can not change the company. This means that you may have to keep ramipril from 10 companies or more. I will need cooperation from other doctors to prescribe ramipril from a particular company. Also with generic medicines the distributor does not exchange the expiring or expired medicine. Thus this was a loosing business then rather than “no loss no profit business.”

Also I must mention to you that in UK (NHS) we prescribe generic preparation, If there is no generic preparation for a particular drug, the pharmacist will choose the best preparation. That is one reason, how they can provide a cost effective free treatment to all citizen of UK.

Recently I have found that one of the pharmacological company — Mankind pharma ltd- make trade names like Pentakind (Pentaprazol), Amlokind(Amlodipine), Losakind( Losartan), Lipikind(Atorvastatin), and many other drugs where the price of trade name drugs is quite similar to generic names. They are widely available and one does not need any guarantee about their efficacy. I am prescribing them as much as possible and I want to support a company which is doing such a good job.

Recently I have found that in PG hospital- M S LIFE DRUG HOUSE PVT LTD sell the generic medications with a discount 67.25% of printed price. They are allowed to change the company of your prescription. I asked them what companies are you allowed to select and they told me there are companies which are well known and many companies which has a certain turnover. I am sure they will look into the companies, where they can provide a concession of 67.25%. It may mean that sometimes you may not get a particular brand, and the normal printed price is less than discounted price. I suggested them to sell all medicines, including some of trade names even if after less reduction price is less then after reducing 67.25% in other medicine.

There is other generic medicine shop. One in Bangur hospital which reduces 52.5% from printed price.

Recently I found a website- which gives you home delivery of most medicines including those from Mankind pharma ltd and some Generic preparation and gives you at least 15 % discount or 17% if you use their mobile app. There site allows one to choose the cheapest medication. I am requesting them to include more Generic preparation.

In Kolkata Frank Ross pharmacy is providing on line request and home delivery of medicines at 15% discount, but I suppose they only sell trade names.

Recently the Medicine shop honours were on strike. There concern was psychotropic medicines, but I agree with the advice of Dr Devi Shetty on the issue.

Correct me and advice. I want to acquire enough information and try to do the needful, so all people can take their medications. It is difficult to know the truth because there are not many people knowing the subject who does not want to talk about it.

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