7 Powerful Questions That Will Make You An Extraordinary Leader

I picked up a book last week called “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions” by John C. Maxwell.

Although the title intrigued me, I had a sneaking suspicion that it might be one of a gazillion books that sound interesting but don’t deliver.

I was fairly sure that I’d read the first few pages and then put it down and go back to that “ever gorgeous” email inbox of mine that keeps beckoning.

Turned out, I was wrong. The book was anything but ordinary.

What Questions Do I Ask Myself As a Leader?

Alright, I’ll admit it.

I was feeling pretty smug when I reached Chapter 2 which is entitled: What Questions Do I Ask Myself As A Leader.

I confidently jumped into that chapter, thinking I would have definitely asked myself all those questions before.

And I must know all the answers. 3 questions later. I was humbled.

Uncovering The Truth

As simple as they are, when I allowed myself to go deeper, I discovered that the questions are hard to answer.

In fact, I’m still pondering over some of the answers.

The questions made me think. Really think about my skills as a leader.

I must say that with some of the questions, I’m could not give a positive answer.

But I didn’t let that stop me.

I feel I’ve become not just a better, more insightful leader but a more conscious human being, just by answering these questions with brutal honesty.

So, you know where I’m headed with this, right?

Yep, it’s your turn.

Power of Seven

No matter how uncomfortable they make you feel and how much you want to resist, I think these questions are worth your time.

These 7 powerful questions cover 7 crucial areas.

Ready? Here we go…

Question #1 The Personal Development Question

Am I investing in myself?

Question #2 The Motivation Question

Am I genuinely interested in what I do?

Question #3 The Stability Question

Am I grounded, as a leader?

Question #4 The Teamwork Question

Am I adding value to my team?

Question #5 The Effectiveness Question

Am I staying in my Strength Zone?

Question #6 The Success Question

Am I taking care of today to get where I want to go tomorrow?

Question #7 The Return On Investment Question

Am I investing in the right people?

The Bonus Round

Now, there’s a very good chance that you’re an enlightened person.

And on the surface, everything may feel wonderful and awesome.

But deep down, where the demons hide, you may have ignored a few of those 7 questions or avoided thinking about them.

That’s why it’s important that you go through each one.

You’ll be doing yourself a big favor when you do.

Before I go, I’d like to throw in a few follow up questions which will help shine a light on the areas that need a little bit of work.

Here goes…

Bonus Question #1

Have you hung on to pride, ego, money or position over the greater good of the team and organization?

Bonus Question #2

Have you secured titles to secure respect?

Bonus Question #3

Have you talked more than you have listened?

Bonus Question #4

Have you failed another in an action you promised?

Bonus Question #5

Have you run away from a hard conversation?

Bonus Question #6

Have you created a perceived distance in success between you and our peers and somehow projected you are better than them?

Remember, these questions aren’t directed to any one person.

They’re questions that we all need to think about.

I can see myself failing at a few of these, or at least having to do much much better, than I’m doing right now.

Do take some time and think about or sleep on these questions.

You’ll wake up to a better you.

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