Layer it up

Traditionally in Nizamabad all soil from excavation is landfilled and Murum soils are used as a refill material. When we dug the foundation pits we found that we just had 4–5 feet of Black Cotton Soil and below that was sandy murum.

Dark Soil being Black Cotton and the lighter Murum under

Easy solution

Step 1: Relocate all the Black Cotton to a nearby farm with thin top soil.

Black Cotton soil that has been relocated to Mr Mundoors’ field nearby

Step 2: Refill the pits with the excavated murum.

Excavated Murum dump

Step 3: Further reduce the landfill by adding Brickbat and Construction rubble to the murum.


  1. Reduction in landfill
  2. Additional strength from brickbat and construction rubble
  3. Saving on murum usage
  4. Ensuring top soil reusage.