I still feel you

I still feel you

Crossing by the lane I sense your finger wrapped around my thumb and your palm on my wrist. The air blowing ‘against’ you brings only your aroma to hallucinate me amidst the crowd. In attempts to find you or a resembling face in all the faces that I cross by, I fail each time with open eyes. But the moment my eyelids close and cling, I find you. I win. I win over all the barriers that have kept us apart. I fete until the moment I collide with a ‘real life’ barrier. Aah! just a stone it was to bring me back to the real world and I cross my way all by myself

The lord had no plans for me. He just scribbled rough on my palm with his ‘destiny writing pen’ while carving beautiful destinies on others. The dark night regulates the wind, pushing hard to hurl me away. In the mirror placed at a road-side store, I watch myself. The returning rays ionize my view to exhibit your blur memories again. The way you blushed making puffs, the thin black bars that shuttered your eyes. Thy lips who tried to set themselves in the best way they could in nervousness. The entire conglomerate of your face’s ingenuousness peeps out and gags my lips numb as you always did. Beep! Beep! and am thrashed down the street!! “ “Oh I am extremely sorry!!” , I apologized. “Where the hell are you lost idiot? Keep your damn eyes on the road”, roared an unknown voice. “I am extremely sorry, I was just.. Sorry again.”, and I left as quickly as I could. I had no excuse to serve. With a few abuses that I could sense following me on the silent road, I walked off as he drove away into darkness.

I raise my head to the stars and ask “Is this the way you intend to call me back, lord? “. I have her no more with me but would always ask you to accord me some more clement moments in her memories. The day I am done with all of it, I would submit you my last breath, my heart, my soul and ask for eternal serenity in my assigned grave.

Life — like a bed of roses, was nowhere in view for me. It was more like a grave awaiting me with roses covered on it. Every human has his part to play in the universal act. At times you may find it tough to live without your loved ones, but who knows life after death might even get tougher. Feel free to share your thoughts and criticism. Happy reading

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