Wix’s Super Bowl Ad

The ad is about Jason Statham and Gal Gadot who are seen in a restaurant, about to order their meal. Some gang members come in and they start fighting with Gal and Statham. Meanwhile, Chef Felix who is in the kitchen is using Wix.com throughout. The ad revolves around how the website is interesting and captivating, that even the worst could be happening yet one would not realize. After the commotion is over, that is when the chef realizes the smoke around him and realizes that the restaurant has been blown up and only Gal and Jason are left there to order what they came to eat. The commercial ends with Felix opening up a small business in a short while, thanks to Wix.com

The ad targets the business minded people and the young people who are developing businesses. It is exciting and thrilling too.

At the start of the ad, that is when the company gets noticed.

The ad has a good narrative flow because it has an exposition where Jason and Gal are almost having their meal. They part ways ready to take on the bad men. They fight off the bad guys until they reach the climax of the ad where they get together and blow up the restaurant. All this while, Felix is using Wix.com and later on, the company is well recognized by the viewer.

Keith points out that the ads need to draw the attention of the viewer. It needs to have a story line in which the audience feels that they can identify with. The ad needs to also present how the product is to be used along the lines of the action. It needs to be thrilling and captivating that it leaves a long lasting memory on the viewer. My ad happens to fit the right directions and the narrative is still right.

The main factor that makes the ad successful compared to past Wix ads is because, there is the use of a currently recognized actress and actor. There is also the use of a thrilling move on the use of an explosion and a small bit of action for those who are motivated by action scenes.

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