You have to be Creative to Appeal to a Millennial

Compared to previous generations, millennials have a different storytelling expectation. As Mchamorro-Premuzic (2014) of the Guardian puts it, millennial are guided by the “I” rather than the “WE” slogan. It is a generation that demands more than simple storylines to be appeased. Though they are hyper-connected, they are still the most self-obsessed generation with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram suiting the type of stories they want. They love stories told through technology, an aspect that they have grown with it. The millennials get curious when they see online information from social media. One should try customizing their messages to technology such as Twitter to win the attention of a millennial. Unlike previous generations, they expect their stories to be animated and conforming to trending social topics. Since the generation is quick to forget, one needs to develop a storytelling approach that will keep them talking about the topic for days. Therefore for millennials, you have to realize what they are talking about currently and structure your message to befit their technology enthusiasm.

On a personal level, the most appealing stories are those that touch on technology and brought out with a musical appeal creating a form of tension then the big revelation comes out. Another interest I have in modern day stories are those captured in picture form, preferably 3D. However, they must be aggressive and captures the intended purpose in a short time. Being a digital age enthusiast, I like stories that do not need a lot of interpretation, but their motion appeal is unique. The graphics and words should be pretty easy to correlate. One of the recent commercials that strike my attention is the Adidas Commercial “Paul Pogba-I’m here to Create (link:

The Commercial appeals to me because it takes an aggressive form and gives the history of the football player (Paul Pogba) in the shortest and aggressive way possible accompanied by a musical narration.

The Adidas commercial “Create the New Speed.”

The Adidas commercial is one of the sports storytelling genres that appeals to me most. My attraction to sports commercials with music background is both demographic and generation inspired. I believe sports are the best recreational activity, while my love for sports is influenced by a generation where sports are at the center of most social events. Based on my preference, I think companies should add aggressiveness regarding the music tone to make their storytelling more appealing.


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