In 2010, Jeffrey Zeldman wrote “An InDesign for HTML and CSS?”, which explored the idea of a web prototyping tool, accessible and familiar to visual designers, that would output decent code that could be handed off to developers. Eight years later, have we reached that goal, or is it time for a new call to action?

TL:DR; Yes, it’s time for visual design tools in the browser. But read on if you’re interested in why.

A world made by hand: Design before the computer

Visual design’s roots are in handcraft. Cave paintings, petroglyphs, clay sculptures, hieroglyphic alphabets; tapestries, mosaics, paintings, calligraphy; hand-cut type, watercolours, lithography, silkscreen; in all of these, the artist executed their work…

Recently I got into a playful, good-natured exchange on Twitter with my friends and colleagues Steve Bissonnette and Warren Wilansky of Plank about the name of the confab they co-run with the Bureau of Digital, Owner Camp.

Billed as a retreat for creative studio owners, it got me thinking about the nature of ownership, and the cultural meaning of the word “owner.”

Apologies to Warren for being irksome, but let me expand on where I was trying to go there.

To own a company is different from owning property.

A company is a legal construct, an intangible arrangement. What ‘company ownership’ strictly means is that you may have founded or invested in…

When you’re not the audience for “security theatre,” it’s all too easy to dismiss its effectiveness.

The great and respected user experience guru Jared Spool wrote a long and thoughtful piece about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of conference codes of conduct, which you can read here.

This comes after a week of relatively polite uproar when some people — all white men, for the record…

A.J. Kandy

Senior User Experience Designer. Improviser and voice actor. Currently in Calgary, AB.

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