Moving on…

Imagine if you were a kid in high school and there was a really mean bully in the school, but he only picked on you. One day he decides to run as student president.

He tells all the other kids that he thinks you’re no good and you shouldn’t be in this school. He tells the other kids that if he wins, he will beat you to a pulp and never let you come back to school again. The teachers hear him say this, but they don’t do anything about it. Some other kids get inspired by him and start threatening to beat you up too if he wins and there’s nothing you can do but you hope and pray that he doesn’t become student body president.

Finally the student body elections come around and this crazy kid actually wins! You’re really confused by how this could happened and more importantly now you’re really afraid for your life every time you come to school because of all the stuff this kid threatened to do to you. One of the teachers sees that you’re not yourself, so they ask you what’s up and you tell the teacher that you think you’re going to get beaten up by this kid, and you’re afraid for your life.

The teacher smiles, pats you on the back and says “Well, you really should give him a chance, now that he’s the student president.”

What the fuck? This is why we can’t just move on.

Footnote: I came up with this analogy when I realized that it’s been quite hard to explain to people how I have been feeling since the election as a minority of muslim descent.

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