In 2014 we created an awesome app, but had some critical design flaw. This image displays a visual representation on the UI elements, it’s not the actual App.

or why nobody talks about your app

After weeks of hard work your App has hit the iTunesStore. Just in time for the great launch date; in a matter of seconds you log into your iTunesConnect account and click at App Analytics.

You sit and wait. Hit Refresh. Repeat. You see a few downloads. Wait some more. No growing. Wait a day. It’s just the same. Then, after 48 hours you start thinking something is wrong.

It was October of 2014. Six months ago I had became the lead iOS developer for the startup I had Co-Founded with some friends; I had just developed my second iOS…

Are you ready to get your App to the iTunesStore?

5 things to keep in mind when bringing your startup’s idea to iOS for the first time

You have an idea. A really good idea. It’s going to be amazing. You already picture your friends, family and tons of people using it. You want this ready now. You want this idea now on your iPhone.

Usually, after the main idea has been written down, researched the best business model, spend hours defining the initial style and logo it feels like the time to build this great idea.

So you gather some money, look for a developer and try your best to get this wonderful app as fast as possible, as perfect as possible and at the lowest…

Going beyond our country’s problems, to create worldwide solutions

The security guard at the outside of the bank had the same words for everyone that came through the door: “The system is down!”. The look on my grandpa’s face was a mix of a laugh and frustration. Inside the bank we talk to one of the cashiers: “This usually takes 5 minutes, but when is longer than that it usually takes several hours, so It’s going to take a while. There’s been 30 minutes so far.” We asked if we could go to another branch, at which he said: “Oh no, this is a national…

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly side of creating a Start Up in Venezuela

It’s been like 30 minutes since the bus stopped. We don’t really know what’s happening but one of the passengers said that there is something wrong with the oil. At least the Air Conditioner is On again and people get a little more at ease, but it’s a matter of minutes for the whole worrying starts again.

It’s just that getting stuck in the middle of the road is quite worrysome, but getting stuck on a Venezuelan Highway is a whole different issue.

Could Google be leading the world’s next browsing revolution?

As Co-Founder and CTO of an Augmented Reality (AR) Startup, I speak everyday about the amazing potential of this technology. I frequently refer about the many uses in the present and in a future, about how more smart devices and wearable devices each day are aware of your location and of pattern recognition, and how this will lead AR to become a technological shift.

Even that I’m convinced about the importance of this technology, still, one question always pop into my head: Where’s Google in this picture?

Since the early beginnings I've had a great appreciation for…

AJ Marquez

Engineer and writer. Love Pizza.

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