Learn how to write asynchronous programs using promises and async/await

Exploring the basics

How do JavaScript bundlers stack up against each other?

  • Benefits of .app domains
  • Buying a .app domain
  • Setting up a VPS on DigitalOcean
  • Configuring the DNS Records
  • Setting up Nginx and SSL certificates (to support https)


  • This article assumes that you have a basic understanding of the web and know the basics of the bash shell
  • All the local commands in this article are run on a Mac terminal…

TL;DR: always use the triple equals operator and internalize the coercion algorithms

Double Equals

Learn asynchronous programming in JavaScript

  • functions
  • closures
  • prototypes


const fn = () => {};
console.log(typeof fn);

Creating Functions

AJ Meyghani

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