Jordan Peterson Is Divisive Because of His Weaknesses, Not His Strengths
Michael Barnard

Where do I start. How about from the top!!

“He’s become famous in large part for his refusal to address students by their preferred gender-neutral pronouns.”

-Wrong. He became famous because he believes that the government has no right to compel speech, no matter what, and that this is fundamentally different from prohibited speech.

“However, the philosophical background for his book, 12 Rules for Life and his YouTube popularity over his gender pronouns debate arise not from his area of academic expertise, but from non-adjacent areas in which he has no academic expertise.”

-His area of expertise is personality psychology, which is directly related to average gender differences, which ties directly into the debate over to what degree gender is socially constructed, which is directly spoken about in the Bill that was passed.

“He’s Christian.”

-Lol, not to christians.

“He thinks men are inherently different than women and that is a positive versus merely interesting thing.”

-He thinks they are different on average and that this is very important to recognize so we don’t make stupid policy.

“He has a theory of masculinity, which is patriarchal in nature.”

-“His” theory of masculinity is that of exploration, competence, and natural hierarchies that a potentially tyrannical. This description is archetypal and found everywhere.

“He has a strong belief — see his lobster metaphor — that humans are inherently and innately hierarchical and that men should be more dominant.”

-By observation, we are. Hierarchies are necessary to establish what is and isn’t deemed valuable. This helps us navigate in the world so that we don’t die. But he explicitly states that they tend toward tyranny and leave many at the bottom, and that this is bad for everyone. He says that men should be more courageous and take up more responsibility and seek meaning in their life, rather than expedient pleasure, and that the more they do that, the more they will rise up hierarchies because other men will deem them fit to be on top. Also, “inherently and innately” is not only redundant, but also repeats the same meaning twice over.

“He’s on record as espousing enforced monogamy”

-Oh lord. Please crawl out of your SJW cave and read.

“He refuses to use gender-neutral pronouns.”

-See above

“His comments on enforced monogamy, especially, have made Peterson the patron saint of incels, MGTOW, and men’s rights activist-types.”

-He called MGTOW men “weasels” and is as hard on these men as extreme leftists. MGTOW disavows relationships with women. Peterson calls for healthy monogamy. MRA’s have legitimate grievances.

“Peterson is giving them quasi-intellectual cover for their misogyny and has been for years, often in one-on-one Skype counseling sessions for which he charges $200.”

-Where are these supposed Skype lessons where he encourages men to be violent and resentful toward women? He is constantly reprimanding men who complain about women as if they are to blame for their lack of romantic success. You have no evidence for any of these claims at all.

“For misogynists, this doesn’t seem problematic. For the rest of us, it’s an ugly and venal aspect of Peterson that makes us even less interested in what simplistic nuggets of guidance he’s actually right about.”

-Yup, especially his female fans. Those are the worst kind of misogynists.

“Some of his advice is good, but incredibly obvious”

-See “hindsight bias”

“This crisis of masculinity occurs in relatively affluent younger, white males with too much time on their hands.”

-You just said that it’s “mythical”!! Look at any tribe anywhere. Initiations were the norm. Proper masculinity has always been interesting to people, as has proper femininity.

“The focal points for action are always older white father figures.”

-Spiritual teachers are as diverse as humans can possible be. They come from everywhere. He references the Bible (middle eastern), european psychology and philosophy (white), Taoist thought (chinese), Buddhism and Vedenta (indian), and countless others in his courses.

“We are in an era when absurdly puffed up strongmen are leading countries.”

-Jordan Peterson (doctor, years of clinical research and therapy, best-selling author, and decades of teaching at top-tier universities) is equivalent to Trump? Putin? Kim Jong Un? Really?

“Those of us who think Peterson is dangerous point to his worst and most dangerous adherents and ask why he isn’t actively talking them down instead of talking them up.”

-The basis of his message is seek meaning, forgo pointless indulgence, don’t blame others for your problems, recognize that we’re all potential monsters and learn how to channel that to alleviate suffering, and respect individuals for who they are irrespective of their group identities. No calls for violence. No justification for outsourcing responsibility.

Barren of quotes to substantiate ridiculous claims that have been debunked again and again. Pathetic attempts to equivocate and smear using fallacious analogies. Ignorant of history, mythology, psychology, politics, and clearly incapable of listening to 10 minutes of Dr. Peterson rebut these accusations, which he has been forced to do weekly for over two years. The “author” that wrote this piece needs to clean his room immediately.