Tips to promote employee health & provide a safe place to call home for the eight-hour workday.

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The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic opened our eyes when it comes to our health and how we interact with one another. For many offices around the country, the desire not to contract a virus required social distancing, which meant many companies needed to send their staff home to work remotely.

Now that vaccines are proving effective, many businesses are having their employees come back. But, no matter how much things are beginning to look normal again, the need to preserve our health is still always in the back of our minds.

Learn how to keep your entire team connected, even when you’re working physically apart.

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Internal communication is vital in every business. A well-connected team can help you achieve high engagement, strong productivity, and 47% higher profits in five years. However, when your closest employee is hundreds of miles away, great communication is a conscious effort that business leaders need to initiate.

Solutions for remote teams are popping up left and right. These seven strategies — and the tools that help you accomplish them — can get your internal communication on the right track.

1. Centralize Your Communications

Offering convenient ways for employees…

Incentivizing your team gives them a reason to pull together, work toward common goals & improve productivity.

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How do you keep your employees happy? How do you keep your employees engaged? What allows your company to set itself apart from others in your industry?

While there are many ways to keep your employees happy and engaged, providing financial incentives is one of the best.

The most obvious way to provide financial incentive is through a pay raise. And while that’s something you’re likely to do regularly, you don’t necessarily have to stop there.

Have you done enough to make sure all generations are adequately represented at your company?

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The importance of a variety of viewpoints and perspectives in an office cannot be overstated. Your workplace has strived to increase gender equality, racial diversity, and background experience in your office. But have the higher-ups really done enough to make sure the wide range of ages in the workplace is adequately represented?

Just by taking a quick look around your office, you can really see whether or not they have. Are there older employees that have been with the company for what seems like decades? …

What are the challenges of leading a remote team, and how can leaders adapt?

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It’s no secret that 2020 brought a significant increase in the amount of remote work throughout the United States. The pandemic changed companies overnight, and they had to scramble to find a way forward.

But as we move into 2021 and beyond, it looks like remote teams will be part of the new normal. Businesses have realized that employees working remotely can be just as productive, and employees enjoy the freedom of being at home and avoiding long commutes.

What are the challenges of leading a remote…

Solitude and a lack of interaction can lead to anxiety and mental exhaustion. Here’s how to value mental health at work.

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If you want your business to truly evolve, then you need employees who are happy to come to work each day and give it their all. The problem is, if you aren’t actively thinking about how to improve the mental health of your employees, then there is a chance that your staff may be more unhappy than they seem.

There are many signs that your employees aren’t happy at work, including an increase in call-ins and lowered productivity, and if you let it get out of hand, your company could suffer.

Doing these things will help your remote employees feel more engaged & satisfied and lead to a more productive business.

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According to Gallup Panel data, more than 60% of the U.S. workforce worked from home in the past seven days due to coronavirus concerns, and there’s no end in sight for the deadly pandemic.

More than 60% of companies are now saying that working from home is going to be long-lasting and perhaps even permanent.

Many businesses were forced to send their employees home as the coronavirus started ravaging the country. Now…

For many companies, employees have been showing their commitment and bravery. It’s time to show them your appreciation.

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The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people, businesses, and economies worldwide. For many companies, employees showed commitment and bravery by showing up for work every day, unsure of how the virus spreads, and what consequences it could have on their health.

As we slowly see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to move from survival mode into the new normal. And there’s no better way to do so than to show your employees how much your company values them.

We are fortunate to be living at a time when we have greater access to information and social interaction from across the world than ever before. The devices we keep in our pockets are powerful tools for business and creativity. The importance of technology in our society cannot be overstated — we rely on it.

It is therefore somewhat surprising that we don’t place greater emphasis on how vital coding is to our way of life. Without people who understand how to use the languages that allow our systems to operate, our devices are quite literally useless. It also plays…

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According to the United Nations, food is a fundamental human right, yet malnutrition and food insecurity remain rampant around the world — and the U.S. is no exception. It may seem unfathomable in a country that’s so self-assured, but accessing healthy food is challenging for many Americans, especially people of color and those living in low-income neighborhoods.

According to researchers, the most notable barriers to healthy foods are time and money. Healthy foods and fresh ingredients are typically more expensive than convenience foods, such as salty snacks and microwavable meals. In addition, purchasing ingredients and preparing healthy…

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