Anthony Dale

Waxing poetic about leftovers

Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

Once piping hot and fresh
Seasoned just right
Saucy in all the right places

In 5 ways, a delight

Smell, appetizing
Taste, scrumptious
Sight, mouth-watering
Sound, sizzling
Feel, substantial

Isn’t just an ode to cold pizza

But to all things
Found again
A second time around



Define it for yourself

Photo by Steve Douglas on Unsplash

For some, it means

Fortifying portfolios with precious metals and cryptocurrencies

Dividend-paying, securities full of value

Taming that fierce lion of inflation

For others, it means

Running to their fortresses of worship

Or the rereading of holy books

And bending of knees on a bed’s side

Still others, it means

Building underground bunkers for a select few

Stocking up of non-perishable foods and water

Upon hearing the pitter-patter on the drums of war

Yet others, it means

Fleeing crime-filled metropolises

Remembering that America still had small towns

Seeking their own Mayberry

Let’s all find it

Safety, that is

Whether it’s from within or out



Anthony Dale

Anthony Dale

Anthony is an airline veteran and freelance writer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from UW-Madison. He loves doing Tae Bo and watching old movies.