We have seen a recent explosion of activity around Nano, with a rush of new Nano-friendly businesses and festive projects capturing the imagination of the Nano community!

WeNano in Orbit

The team at WeNano has continued to expand its collective reach around the world, and recently shared an update with their community celebrating their progress made so far.

There is no doubt that the Nano community have taken WeNano by the reins. From Treasure hunts across Brazil to dedicated campaigns on social media all designed to expand the userbase, it’s no surprise that the efforts are helping Wenano grow.

The team shared…

Catch up with all the latest news in the world of Nano in the latest digest. We’ve got some amazing projects to tell you about, a big development update and some important service announcements for you to be aware of. Let’s get to it!

Unreal Nano

Unreal Nano is a brand new game created using Unreal Engine and the Unreal Nano plugin, with full VR and multiplayer support. Set in peaceful Nordic surroundings, the game elegantly shows the ability of the Unreal Engine Nano Plugin, through interactive elements controlled by real-time Nano transactions.

Following recent improvements to the free UE4 Plugin…

Deepa Mardolkar joins the Nano Foundation as the Chair of the Advisory Board and will help to identify, structure and scale use cases across the growing community of users, as well as with partner organisations looking for the cutting-edge instant settlement solutions that Nano provides.

“We are so excited to welcome Deepa into the Nano Foundation. She brings 20+ years of experience and a wealth of knowledge within the payment industry making her the perfect fit to help drive forward the adoption of Nano as a global digital currency,” said George Coxon, Chief Operating Officer at the Nano Foundation.


In this month's digest, we celebrate the expansion of the Nano Foundation Advisory board with the addition of Deepa Mardolka and our new membership with the Financial Technology Service Provider’s Association of Uganda.

We’ll guide you through a plethora of updates in the Nano ecosystem, including two major product launches, the highly anticipated full Android version of the popular WeNano app, and a new digital tool that every entrepreneur needs in their back pocket, WeNano Business.

Also, our commercial partners have served up some new ways to spend Nano, with the addition of Evolution Host, Coinsbee expanding mobile top-up and…

A discussion on Nano: Exploring use cases and the future of micropayments

Deepa Mardolkar has led European business units across retail finance and stored value payments, in multinational organisations such as American Express, GE Money, Capital One, and most recently, Amazon. Having worked for 20+ years for organisations that use analytics to drive customer engagement on financial products, Deepa has set her sights on initiatives that deal with the social side of money.

These include the potential of digital money to drop operational costs for closed-loop micro-transactions within communities, as well as social franchise initiatives aimed at driving financial autonomy for women and young adults. …

Following the successful release of the V21 Athena node, node operators have been quick to update and have already observed some exciting improvements on the network.

One key feature of the new release was support for work difficulty changes, which were designed to tune work thresholds to be more aligned with the advancement in computing power since Nano’s launch in 2015.

Being built for speed and accessibility makes the process of certain types of updates on the Nano network more complicated compared to conventional blockchains — and this work difficulty is one of those updates. …

A behemoth update awaits - This month, we celebrate the launch of Athena, share a roll-call of new services and tools added to the ecosystem, and the culmination of the first-ever Nanillionaire hosted Build-off.

With so much to cover, let’s dive right into the Nano news!

Athena V21 now live on the Nano network

This month we celebrate the addition of Nano to the Brave Browser Widget, 45+ new currency gateways at Binance, and TrustWallet places convenience at the forefront with in-app Nano via USD purchases.

We’ll also check out some new ways to spend Nano, with the introduction of gift-card merchant Coinsbee, and a peek into the new worldwide mobile top-up service from Nanogate.

For our community round-up, we recap the recent We Nano spotlight, check out the winners of the Nano Community Project Awards, and give a well-deserved nod to the impressive list of Nanillionare build-off entries.

Nano Gateway added to Brave Browser

The month of May got…

Warmly welcomed by the Nano community at launch earlier in the year. WeNano is a well-designed new wallet, with a collection of highly engaging new features, presenting users with the ultimate digital treasure-hunt experience to spend, transfer, share, and even earn Nano.

We carved out time for a chat with lead developer Anders — AKA ’robotn’, to find out more about what sparked the creation of the new app, understand why it has been so successful since launch, and have a peek into what the future holds for the platform.

Live for three months and an instant hit with Nano…

Buckle up, Brave launches an in-browser widget for users to purchase Nano.

May 1st, 2020 — Over 12 million monthly active users of the popular privacy-focused Brave browser can now seamlessly purchase and deposit Nano, the fast and fee-less cryptocurrency, through a watershed integration that breaks down the barriers to accessing digital currency.

Developed in partnership with Binance, Brave’s innovative new widget pushes newly captivated Nano users to the forefront, creating an effortless onboarding path for those wanting to understand better how to acquire, trade, and pay with Nano within their everyday browsing experience. …

Andy Johnson

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