“Even the skies were darkened on the day he ran to meet his creator.”

Fear comes in so many forms
To many all over the globe 
What's devastating to one soul,
To another, it's yet another easy stroll.

She was like an Ocean
He loved her waves
But was too afraid to swim
So, fear stole his joy.

You were too afraid to live, 
Yet too frightened to die. 
You were scared of the unknown
So you never lived.

You were scared to be you
You were scared to try
You were scared of life
So, fear stole your life.

Fear follows us
Fear stalks us
Fear limits us
Fear eventually kills us.

But, fear can be stopped 
Stopped by Love
Love shown us from above
And in our hearts shared abroad.

Don't be afraid of fear
For fear is afraid of itself 
God hasn't given you the spirit of fear
But of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Inspired by: Agulue Ebuka
PhotoCredit: Ajoke Asunmonu 

Shot taken at New Benin. 
30/08/17 @ 15:31:34 PM

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