Are We Coming at Diversity All Wrong?

Ajoke Emekene
Aug 4, 2017 · 2 min read
Them: “You can’t sit with us!” Response: “OMG Why?” Them: “Well, let’s see.. you are a woman!”

Today’s tale is about a Recruiter’s travails with this Gender diversity struggle. She gets into work in the morning and finds an email from her boss’ boss saying “We will not sign-off any Male Senior Manager new hires” unless there is proper justification for this. Thank God yesterday as she searched for talent on LinkedIn Recruiter, she saved snapshots of her searches. Of the 25 results per page that her search returned, only 2 were female, and their work experience did not even completely tally with what she was looking for.

The Supply is not endless you know.

Lets examine things a bit more closely. If you are not willing to promote the women you have within your business to Senior Management, and other companies aren’t as well, then this Diversity drive is just a fad. You want to hire ‘already made’ women. Women whose former companies at one time or the other took a risk on them. Well, truth is, that pool will gradually dry up if nobody seriously considers how it fills up in the first place.

My two cents, let’s not only think about hiring more women at higher levels (Feel that rhyme?) let’s think more critically about improving the pipeline. By this, I do not simply mean employing entry level women, but let us also closely monitor how the women who are already in our organisation progress through the ranks. This would mean ruthlessly identifying our biases and dealing with them head on. Yes, women are invaluable members of any team, just like men are. It makes no sense for men to progress far more than women, and we begin to scramble when we wake up and realise that the leadership team is made up of only male-folk.

What!! There are no women here?

For the greater good. Let her get back to her LinkedIn search and hope she finds a few women who are ready to jump ship!

Ajoke Emekene

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Trying to find my place. I’m very keen on problem solving. #HarryPotterFan Alert! Design is magic, and making life easier is the reason we make magic happen.

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