Materials and What not

Last year, I discovered Material Design. It was pretty cool. The problem was I didn’t understand what they were talking about. I read the guidelines, but it looked like Greek to me. Now hold on a second, I could see the shadows etc but hey didn’t even know what dp meant. Then, I went back to my design tool (Figma) I kept looking for the z axis, how dense of me lol.

Let me back up a little, a year away from this discovery, if you had asked me if I knew design, I wouldn’t beat my chest about it but I would say I am pretty decent. Now, hold on before you run away with that, I wouldn’t say I was a design guru, but definitely not a rookie. Anyway let’s get back to today, fast forward a few months after my discovery of Mat Design, I learnt to make a Mat flat icon using Figma. Now there are not many Figma tutorials online as it’s a relatively new tool. However, the fact that it is so close to sketch means that I can use Sketch tutorials, even illustrator go figure. I have used Corel Draw in the past so the tools where not completely new, though the UI was. Anyway, long story short here’s what I made.

Material Design Flat Media Play Icon

If you can spot all the shadows, comment below and generally, tell me what you think. Thank you, I’m new to this actually. Medium, Material Design and Sketch(Figma).

You can hit me up if you want the SVG file.

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