I’ll Get To It

Two summers ago, I stepped away — I spent a month in Italy working on Positano, a digital novel. Before I left, I wrote about the yin and yang of things. The dance of change. Yin is being. Yang is doing. We are capable of both. We need both to be balanced. Step away and be, then come back and do.

Be. Do.

Be. Do.

Out of that rhythm came an easy awareness of, and comfort with, “I’ll get to it.”

I don’t know about the whole “fear of missing out” thing. And it is a thing. In our tech saturated culture, we expect to get the things we want when we want them, to know about everything that’s happening as it’s happening. We don’t want to be out of the loop. We don’t want to fall below the fold.

It’s curious that the same technology that makes us afraid of missing out, is the very technology that ensures the media we crave lives forever.

Nothing dies on the internet.

Pop spirituality (also a thing) has brought the art of mindfulness to the masses — people are starting to catch on that being present is the key to not only being happy, but to being productive. Being present requires unplugging. Which requires detaching, letting go of the fear that you might miss something.

So FOMO, it’s got a real ring to it, but in the dance of change “I’ll get to it” has more power.

alicia johnson is a partner at brand boutique johnson + wolverton. this piece originally appeared on her blog, aj on brand. follow her for more on the collaborative life and business at the intersection of media, content, and advertising.