Investing in Being Change-Positive

Before we look at investing in change, maybe I’ll be super blunt about why I think it’s worth it. From my perspective, being change-positive, doing the work of gaining change-knowledge, is in service of achieving potential.

How a brand invests in change-knowledge is a fluid process based on a vision for where you want to take your brand and what matters to your culture (your aspirations and your values). Investing in change-knowledge is understanding how your vision might come to be and what you’ll need in place to be poised to take advantage of opportunities that ratchet you toward that vision; or, imagining the potential of your business, and making it so.

Here’s a tricky thing I’ve noticed: Change resistance can actually be cloaked in plans for change. What I mean by that is creating plans that depend upon a pre-determined set of steps that can not afford to mutate, that have no elasticity to shift in a dynamic marketplace. When the plan isn’t designed for change, when the approved steps are more important than moving toward a vision, it’s a cloak.

Investing in change-knowledge is investing in a culture that is well versed in the value of mutability, in the value of being able to shift in real time based on values and vision.

Change-knowledge is a proactive, well-informed, and accountable perspective on past and possibility.

Investing in being change positive is investing in being able to engage with change and use its momentum to achieve your brand’s potential.

Add to the knowledge of change using #changepositive.

alicia johnson is a partner at brand boutique johnson + wolverton. this piece originally appeared on her blog, aj on brand. follow her for more on the collaborative life and business at the intersection of media, content, and advertising.