Full Pink Moon Intuitive Reading

A Full Pink Moon in Libra. A rebirthing of radical self-love, harmonious loving relationships, and vigorous inner shadow work.

With the planets Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto all entering retrograde this month and the Full Pink Moon paving its way to the new beginnings of springtime, I find myself slowing down and finding my center in this whirlwind of transformative time. It is also the time to deepen our connections with our relationship with families, friends, beloveds, coworkers, and Mother Earth. My personal journey to intuitive readings has awakened a new path in my life, which is to serve and guide others to their spiritual and personal development through the world of tarot, oracle, and other intuitive healing tools.

When I was preparing and creating an altar for my ecstatic dance community in Eugene, I decided to perform a full moon reading spread on myself, and wow, these cards opened up a new perspective on my life…

  1. I Am Here: The Devil - Bobcat

Boom! Straightforward. Devil card. Here we go! This was actually the highlight of my reading… This card to me represents a liberating energy force. The Devil or the bobcat totem teaches us to break free of the control and constraints that the world tends to place upon us. “With total freedom comes total responsibility, especially the ones you don’t want to look at and own. It is time to own up to the traps you have set for yourself.” This message was pivotal to me because sometimes I feel like I’m not ready to share my gifts yet to the world, but when are we really ready? Often times this self-doubt and self-sabotaging thoughts created traps in my life where I felt a lack of abundance in some areas of my life, but I am slowly learning to trust my inner knowing. Lately, I have been meditating on the fully enlightened Tibetan wrathful deity, Vajrakilaya, who holds the “dagger of indestructible reality.” It’s important that we face our fears headfirst and really allow the pain to flow through our mind and body. When we are ready, it is crucial that we release the pain in healthy, creative ways. Allow our fears to be the fuel for our creative energy.

2. Release: Nine of Pentacles - Tortoise

The tortoise totem represents resourcefulness and slowing down. It teaches us that we have everything we need (in our turtle shell). It is perfectly okay to relax for a moment because I am safe and protected. This is the time where I wrote on my journal a “gratitude invocation.” I was in tears of how blessed in this lifetime. Surrounded by my loving family, friends, beloved, and people I have crossed paths with. My treasures. This card also advised me to spend more time in nature so that I can slow down my thoughts and feel nurtured, knowing that life is full of abundance.

3. Lessons: Not For You

My immediate reaction when this card popped up was, “Yes to saying ‘No’ in some areas of my life! Yes!” Haha! As I grow older in my 20’s, one of the main lessons I’ve learned, is that I no longer have the desire to please everyone. When I feel that some things are not aligned with me, I simply express “no.” Know that “No.” is a full sentence and a statement. You do not always need to have a reason why you feel a “no” about certain things or certain people. Radically accept that not everything is available to you when you want it. No effort is wasted, learn from defeat, then keep going. With this in mind, you are creating healthy boundaries. I believe that my true authenticity expresses itself when I am fully present with myself and others. I practice allowing others to be who they truly are, flaws and all, without having an expectation from them. So when things do not work out for me, I express my blessings and move on.

4. Blessings: Come to the Edge

The blessings I have today came from allowing myself to be out of my comfort zone and taking risks. Most of the meaningful and life-changing events that occured in my life was because I took a risk, I walked to the edge of the cliff. I manifested my dream to study abroad in India and met the Dalai Lama in the Himalayas by diving into the unknown. I quit a job on the spot so that I can truly value myself. I took a leap of faith by moving to Oregon and making it my new home because love said so, and I finally found my tribe. Taking a risk needs a courageous heart, and trust me, blessings will come to you tenfold.

5. Dream: Four of Swords - Zombie Toad

Find solitude in the midst of chaos. My dream or what I hope to accomplish from this full moon ritual is to be effortless and self-assured. Not worrying too much, being in a meditative state after I release things that bind me. Feeling completely okay that I do not need to be in control at all times. Rest in stillness when my body needs it, such as asking for more time off from work to honor my body. I’ve also been spending a lot of time with healers and lightworkers myself, and we discussed the “helpers syndrome.” If you resonate with this, know that you do not always need to do “big things” to change the world. With you simply existing and showing up to the world, you are already healing and changing the world.

6. Big Step: Regeneration

When I was hiking Spencer’s Butte, it was after a hail storm passed in Eugene. Many trees and plants were destroyed, but I know that new form of life will grow again. With destruction comes creation. A fresh new perspective. This was the perfect time for me to stop holding on to things that aren’t working for me anymore and allow them to die. Personally, this meant switching to a non-hormonal birth control and honoring my moon cycles by performing menstruation rituals as I embrace my sacred femininity and goddess self.

7. Next Step: Fork in the Road

Prepare for the unexpected bumps in the road that may keep me off balance. This is part of the Great Mystery and diving into the unknown. Owning up to my obligation to make a necessary choice. Should I take the road less traveled? Which path is the most aligned with my truth and authenticity?

“Surely there is a window from heart to heart:
they are not separate or far from each other.
Though two earthenware lamps are not joined, their light mingles.
Divine wisdom decreed us lovers of each other;
all the particles in the world
are fated to be to be in love with their mates,
just as amber attracts straw.
Heaven says to Earth, “Welcome, we are magnetized to each other.” — Rumi