My Adventure to Starbucks

This week I visited Starbucks on Washington Ave SE. I went in and took various notes about things I encountered. Once I came home to start my Medium post, I began to highlight the notes I took in various colors to categorize my thoughts. I noticed I took notes in 3 distinct categories; the environment, the workers, and my own experience there at the shop. While highlighting I realized some notes weren’t distinctly blue (notes on the environment) nor were they distinctly yellow (notes on my experiences). I began to highlight some in green, as a mixture of both colors. In conclusion to my long, and possibly confusing rant, I wanted to point out that my experiences at Starbucks, the environment, and the workers go hand in hand.

Now, onto my adventure at Starbucks. To the left is a picture of all the delicious looking food items that Starbucks has to offer. I suppose I shouldn’t say all, since some were in boxes in a cooled section next to these. However these were the items, craftily displayed in the glass case. I didn’t purchase an item this time, but I’m sure I will in the near future. Look at the variety! I also have a sweet tooth that more often than not begs to be fulfilled by sweet desserts such as these displayed at Starbucks. I also forgot to inform you that following my interview with Angela last week, I had the opportunity to try one of the Bistro Boxes that Starbucks offers in their chilled food section. Angela had a box that she took home from work that night, and was kind enough to offer it to me. As many college students can understand, I was hungry, and couldn’t turn down an offer of free food. I had the Cheese and Fruit box, and it was quite satisfying. Not exactly a Thanksgiving dinner satisfaction, but I would be willing to buy it in stores. For those of you, who might not be content with simply a beverage, Starbucks has plenty to offer from the baked goods above, the Bistro Boxes, and even sandwiches.

When I first walked in I added on to the tail of a fairly long line of people waiting to order. The line however, did not last long and I was soon greeted by that delicious case of desserts, as well as a worker at one of the two registers. I didn’t get the chance to look at her name, but she was very friendly and made my experience at Starbucks a positive one. I got up to the register and asked if they offered any hot teas. She went on informing me with a list of the options they had, but I still was unsure what to get. To aid me in making a decision, she asked if I wanted caffeinated tea, or non-caffeinated tea. I chose caffeinated, another decision sleep-deprived college students might understand. The kind worker then named a few of her personal favorite caffeinated teas, and I had come to decide on the smallest size of a Youthberry White Tea. The online menu describes it as “A delicate white tea with red currants, açai berry, hibiscus and rose petals, then completed with candied pineapple, mango pieces, Fuji and golden delicious apples. The taste is timeless.” Once I had got my tea, it was much to hot to drink right away, so I found a nice little round table to sit down, and take notes at.

Starbucks had smaller round tables, like the one I sat at, larger rectangle tables, and even cushioned seats as if you were in a living room. The floors were constructed of large tiles, the walls of brick, and the employee counter of wood. The lighting gave the shop a dimming effect, however it wasn’t dark. The lighting made me feel more like I had a desk lamp above me in my own home. There was a black chalkboard-like column in the middle of the workers area behind the counter. On it were the names of the employees chalked up in various colors. The idea behind this reminded me of mailboxes with last names written on them. The environment was in a way, like their home. The windows had black wooden blinds hanging down at different heights. This made the environment a bit more private, and I liked that. Not all windows had blinds covering them, which kept me from feeling too trapped. The blinds added to the homey atmosphere at Starbucks. As I was sitting in my chair taking notes of whatever I found interesting, I looked outside the uncovered windows. The pouring rain hitting the vibrant fall colored leaves, and the umbrellas of people walking out on this brisk, wet day made me like the environment of Starbucks that much more. There’s something about being in a perfect temperature coffee shop looking out on a cold rainy day that I enjoy. The environment of the shop made me feel at home.

Adding to the homey feel of Starbucks, was the workers. They would call out the names of not only the drink that was freshly finished, but the name of the person who had ordered it as well. This made the shop feel even more like home. People seemed to know each other, even if they hadn’t. This made their service much more personal than the average customer service. When I go to McDonalds I never hear someone yell out “We have a 6 piece chicken nugget meal ready for Abby!” This is one aspect of the coffee shop life that sets it apart from let’s say, the fast food life.

Speaking of the drinks being called out, I am brought back to the tea that I ordered when I first came in to the shop. To the left is a picture of my Youthberry White Tea. Not shown in the picture, is my hand that would reach over about every two minutes to see if it was cool enough to drink. About a page into my note taking I became fed up. I took the cap off to help aid its cool down process, so I could drink it without burning my tongue. Although I waited quite some time for my tea to cool down, I was thankful that it wasn’t served to be lukewarm in the first place. I also couldn’t help but think of the phrase “All good things take time” when I was able to take my first sip. This tea was so beyond delicious, that I know for a fact I will be back soon to get more. I was also thoroughly disappointed in my decision to only purchase a small.

In conclusion, my adventure to Starbucks was wonderful. I have always been a Caribou person, but after today I am a little unsure. Next week I plan to visit Caribou to further compare the two. And for all of you who decide to go to Starbucks this week, I highly recommend their Youthberry White Tea, I’ve heard it’s delicious.