Starbucks Inside Scoop

Angela pictured above

This week I decided to get an inside scoop on the Coffee Shop Life. I recalled someone I knew worked at a coffee shop, and decided to do an informal interview with her. Angela (pictured to the left) is a fellow U of M classmate who lives a few doors down from my dorm room. She works at a local Starbucks on Campus, and was kind enough to let me bombard her with questions regarding her workplace.

Angela informed me of the many perks she has as a Starbucks worker. She receives a 30% discount on all purchases while off the clock. While on the clock she receives endless free drinks, and one free food item. Those perks alone are reason enough for why I would like to work there. Free coffee while working? Sign me up. What about those late nights when she’s up doing homework? Angela informed me that she gets a free pound of coffee weekly. That ought to be enough to keep her up even while in her dorm.

I asked her one question that many coffee drinkers view as the make or break of true friendship. Starbucks, or Caribou? To no surprise her answer was Starbucks. With all the perks she receives, she tells me she has no need to go anywhere else. Not only did her perks influence her decision, but she also informed me that Starbucks is a larger company, with higher standards, and higher quality drinks. For those of you who bleed Caribou coffee, please don’t take it to heart. For Angela, Starbucks will win any day.

Angela was also able to inform me more about the environment of the shop from a worker’s viewpoint. She described the environment as “stressful,” “fast-paced,” “busy,” “small,” and “crowded.” This makes perfect sense being that it is located on a college campus in Minneapolis. If it weren’t busy, I would have been surprised. Although her workplace is stressful, she pointed out that the environment is also “fun” and “friendly.” If the information she provided me with wasn’t enough, I asked her directly if she enjoys working at Starbucks. Her response: “Yes, I love it.”

Here are a few extra questions and responses in a basic Q&A format:

1.) Q: What is your most popular product?

A: White Mocha

2.) Q: Your personal favorite drink?

A: Teavana Oprah Chai Tea Latte

3.) Q: What is it like working in the morning vs. at night?

A: In the morning the customers consist of more business-like people who had a “get in and get out” mentality. Both times are quite busy, however at night it’s slightly more laid back with a greater focus on cleaning for close.

4.) Q: What are some strengths a person should have to work at a coffee shop?

A: social, fast, organized, hard-working, problem solver, level headed

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Next week I plan to visit her Starbucks location to view the environment from a customer’s point of view. I may not receive perks like Angela, but maybe, just maybe I can get a discount from her.