Art Fair Philippines 2016: An Experience

Art fairs are a great way to find beautiful things (artworks) and meet creative and passionate people. It is a place where artistic minds gather. Last February 19, 2016 I had the chance to visit an art fair, for the first time, in The Link Carpark, Ayala Ave. Makati City.

Upon entering the venue you would be surprised, or even overwhelmed, to see the number of exhibitions and artworks present in the art fair.

One of my personal favorite gallery is the “Canvas”. It features fairytale, fantasy like kinds of artworks and most of the exhibited pieces use acrylic or oil both on canvas. Some of the artists being exhibited in this gallery are; Ferdie Montemayor, Anton del Castillo, Ross Jaylo, Dante Lerma, Marcel Antonio, Japs Antido, and Demetrio dela Cruz.

Chief by Ferdie Montemayor
Fairy — Go — Round by Demetrio dela Cruz

This is my favorite exhibit because it just has so much color and and liveliness to it. Its like you are in a different place, a place you dreamt of in your childhood, a place you find in story books and cartoons.

Resisting Temptation by Antol del Castillo
A Door To Somewhere by Dante Lerma

I think this exhibit conveys a message of escape. Trying to get away from the real world and all of its problems by creating a perfect world crafted by your imagination. The exhibited artworks reflect the creators perception of the world, the world they think is perfect, and how they want the world to look.

The Three Wells by Marcel Antonio
In The Land of Dreamers by Japs Antido

My two favorite special exhibitions were from the artists Mark Justiniani and Raffy Napay. Their works were phenomenal. It was spectacular and unique. It was ingenious and a true work of art.

Mark Justiniani’s infinity series felt like it took me to another world, and being near his works makes me feel like I’m looking into infinity or I’m teetering close to an abyss. It gave me the chills as it was the first time I saw an exhibit like that. Raffy Napay’s exhibit on the other hand was like “dreaming in color”. Like you were living in another planet with all these lights around you. It gave me memories of childhood when we would play with these glowing sticks/bracelets. I think it was cool because it was able to make me feel excited.

Going to an art fair is a very fulfilling experience and I can’t wait to go to other art fairs in the future. It was fun especially with friends whom you can share thoughts about a certain artwork and be confused together.

Leaving the art fair I felt more of a confused man because I still have a lot of questions on my mind enough to keep me awake for awhile at night, and. I wasn’t able to understand some artworks. But I’m sure of one thing, it inspired me to be more creative and expressive.