How many video games do you think you buy in a year?

I am an active gamer as I am sure many of you are and I was thinking about something the other day, I asked myself… how many video games did I buy in 2015?

Well the answer was 7.

I felt like that was very low for how much I play video games. Then I realized I get bored very quickly with my new games I purchase and for some reason can’t get off one game. That game is World Of Warcraft which has managed to keep my attention for over 10+ years (I know it’s sad right).

Anyway here is the list of games I bought last year:

1) Dragon Age

2) Bloodborne

3) Warhammer Vermintide

4) Star Wars Battlefront

5) Fallout 4

6) Destiny

7) NBA 2K 16

How do you like my list?

I know some people are going to be salty that I didn’t purchase Call of Duty or Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege. I just want to say I’m sorry. I looked at some gameplay and live stream of them in this app called EyeGames (Highly suggest getting if you are a gamer, helped me discover a lot of video games) and I just didn’t think I would enjoy those games. Six Siege doesn’t have enough content online and lets just be honest, COD is washed up.

Can’t wait to hear your comments. Make sure you comment how many video games you bought this year and which ones. Looking forward to your answers.