Gun Control

I was reading an article online about a state trooper coming to the aid of an overturned car and he got attacked. He was shot and the attacker began to slam his head into the ground while a motorist was driving by he came to the aid of this officer. He asked the officer he needed help and when the officer told him he did he grabbed his gun and shot the attacker. The officer was released from the hospital and thanked the motorist for saving his life. This depicts why gun should not be taken away.

There are some other examples why firearms should or should not be restricted I believe that the U.S. needs to be stricter on gun laws. I do not believe that guns should be taken away. I do believe that people should register all their firearms once a year. People have to register their dogs once a year why shouldn’t they have to register a deadly weapon. That argument is for another time though, so back to the article.

I believe having these firearms are important. One way or another a bad person is going to get them so they can not take them away from the ones not trying to do good. This article shows that in a situation when good needs to be done that a good person will do right with it. The people in charge that would try to take them away have armed guards to protect them. Like I said above I do believe that there does to be registration once a year I do not think restricting guns in any way is the answer. Registering the weapons would make the government and authority aware of the people who have these weapons. Whether it be a nine millimeter or an AR-15 people should have the right to have them but have to register them to make the government aware of what they have. The link to the article