Wabasha Street Bridge

I told my best friend Mayah that I had an assignment to capture images from a cross section in Saint Paul, and she stumbled over her words to get them out. “Uhh what’s it called?! You know, it’s a bridge near downtown Saint Paul… Wabasha!” As we began driving, I google mapped it, and the result was the Wabasha Street Bridge.

And so the journey begins…

Mayah and I crossed the street to get on to the bridge (which connects downtown Saint Paul and the west side) and even though the winter season made everything a little more dull and bland, it was a sight to see.

As we continued down the bridge we came to steps leading down into the unknown… so naturally we followed them.

The descent…

We came to find some beautiful people! I asked these boys that were also hanging around the staircase if I could take a photo of them for an English project, and they were more than happy to comply. The boys struck a few poses, but my favorite is below because they look so carefree and natural. As they walked away, the boy in the white sweatshirt exclaimed, “I fully support you education and will do anything to help you!”

Under the bridge was even more breathtaking than above. This perspective was closer to the river and ground below, with details I wouldn’t have noticed if I had just stayed on the bridge.

Mayah and I ascended back up the stairs to street level, still marveling over the photos we got. Heading back to her car, we had to walk the streets of downtown, where I got a few more great snaps, two of which are below.

I never really thought about a theme as I was taking these pictures, but looking back at them I discovered that most are pretty colorless, bleak, some may even describe them as boring; but, in all of them you can find a pop of color or something that draws your attention, which is how I view my life in Minnesota. St. Paul is a pretty great place to live, although uninteresting at times, you can always make some entertaining fun for yourself.

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