How many clicks to update one number?

For most students at Bucknell, Campus Dollars are a monetary instrument of convenience. Need a coffee from the library during an all-nighter? Campus Dollars! Laundry piling up? Campus Dollars! Food from your favorite restaurant on Market Street? You get the picture.

But imagine the scene. A student is trying to get some food after a hard day of work, but walks into Sheetz unaware they only have four Campus Dollars left. They quickly jump onto their phone, pulling up myBucknell ready to increase their balance.

However, they spend a couple of minutes fumbling around the website for the correct link. Eventually, they stumble onto the right page and scroll down to find the information and link that had been in the sidebar the last time they had tried to do this.

But it’s okay, they heave a sigh of relief as they know that it should just take one more click from here before they can enjoy their food.

Picture the look of horror on the students face when the next screen loads. I’ve just clicked on a link from within myBucknell. Surely my name and ID number should already be filled? To make it more confusing for this student, this link opens in a new page: different from both myBucknell and B-Bill.

The student huffs for a couple of moments, before eventually going back to myBucknell to copy their BUID back to this page. Moving onto the next screen, the student sees whats in front of him, before deciding to give up and head to the register armed with his debit card.

Where does this process go wrong? Firstly, as the link is launched from the myBucknell portal, the process should live within the myBucknell site or direct users straight to the Bucknell B-Bill Portal. Either way, we have already authenticated the user and thus can streamline the process significantly! The goal of any process should be to be as painless as process, and in its current version, this tool fails to succeed.

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