Making a painful process a little less troublesome

Course selection as a pseudo-engineer is never easy. It’s a terrible combination of having at least 17 hours of class as well as having to deal with at least one annoying class that you have took take to fulfill that one little requirement. However, a group from last semesters Computer Science Senior Design class aimed to make the process of finding your ideal schedule a little more streamlined by developing a Chrome extension (helpfully named Bucknell Course Selection Sidebar)!

The first thing to recognize is how important the inclusion of responsive design is. Often when picking classes, I find myself using multiple tabs to research different classes and use multiple windows to keep as much information on screen as possible. Thus, responsive design adapts the layout of the website and extension to most clearly see the information.

When designing the functionality of the extension, the group clearly thought out what information their users would actually use. Thus, they chose to save some screen real-estate for their own use by moving some unnecessary information to a hover box. The saved space is used to provide a visual calendar so that one can track your schedule while searching. It is also possible to create multiple tentative schedules until the perfect combination has been found.

Another feature the group will have targeted at their user base is the custom search tool that allows for a custom search based on a variety of different parameters. This is useful, especially as you struggle to choose the last common requirement you have to fulfill, although you want to have that class in the afternoon, preferably with that professor you chatted to one time at the library.

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