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(Photo excerpt of AJ’s Archive article, “Strengthen Your Creative Writing Muscles & Feel the Burn”; Thanks to Notegraphy!)

I am a first-time Medium user, and I can already tell I’m going to love it here. The multitude of information and perspectives on the world, ideologies, events, and insight on career ventures is staggeringly impressive.

It’s powerful to see so many people share things that come from the core , sharing a wealth of ideas through Medium. The publisher of a given post hopes to inspire a dialogue in this welcoming format. Not only do I hope to publish writing pieces here to inspire dialogue…I just want to be a formidable part of the Medium space. I wish to crank out content to show you what’s at my core.

My core holds my strong love for creative abandon. My blog, AJ’s Archive, is another little place that reflects my love. I’ve been a long time advocate for creativity, and a lover of arts (especially story writing and visual arts). I feel it’s so important to have some outlet to express yourself--- Writing (be it creative fiction or non-fiction) is so freeing and exciting to me. I want to do it everyday for the rest of my days. You might’ve heard the saying that touches on finding the kind of work that proves to be so dream-like that it doesn’t even feel like 'work’. Well…I’m happy to say that I I’ve found it. It’d be awesome to know that, if you want creative freedom, you’ve found that sort of work too.

Let’s discuss.😊

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