Can an Arcane Crypto Ledger Replace Uber, Spotify and AirBnB?
Scott Rosenberg

Great, clear article on a complex concept wrapped in hype. The simple question, “What issues require solving a double-spending issue?” is provocative and illuminating — the answer more common than currency, as illustrated by the music example, Ujo. At Sphaera we are working with a group of intangible assets (namely, the IP engengered by tools, approaches, models and other solutions to sticky social and environmental problems) whose remixing with attribution we want to facilitate in the interest of accelerating social change. We are investigating Blockchain for tracking provenance, for accounting, and for attribution, and for linking our platform to others that solve related problems in the social change space. We are hardly at critical density yet, but would love to to learn from and with others who are interested in acceleraring the pace of change. As Bruce Eckfeldt put it well in a recent article, “The sooner we can shift our business culture from that of competition over limited resources to one of collaboration towards unlimited potential, the sooner we can accelerate the improvement of our society.”