At Work, What Do You Gaze At? — Mop Swingers: Episode 26.

The continuing true story of mop swinging brothers, Adam and Peter, trying to make it in the movie business.

Shift 1632:

Often Adam and Peter can be seen at some dealership door, laborers, pausing in the dust and heat. They briefly down their burdens (mops, vacuums, Zamboni), and with sore feet, they enter once again.

Peter kneels to the floor, to make sure he does not have to pass over it again. “You’ve got to respect Kevin Smith for Clerks. But you’ve also got to hate him for it.”

Crude noises of the world retreat; blocked by headphones, audiobooks, podcasts, and groovy old music. The loud pontifications of the street, turn a nameless howl, which has no power here.

Adam put’s on Bad Companies, “Bad Company.” “I heard he actually worked at the Quick Stop when he made that. He would open in the morning, after closing time, shoot all night, then open in the morning. Maxed out all his credit cards.”

So they enter here, day after day, and leave their burdens at the unlocked gate, while the eternal work waits.

Peter nearly has to rip the supply room door off the hinges to get the damn thing open. “And scored with blind luck! The rest of his career has been spent trying to recapture that magic, but he doesn’t realize it was there, because he was there!”

Adam nods his head, as if to concur. “The one movie he had in his life.”

Peter spits, then runs the zamboni over it. “He also made nerds cool. But the worst kind of nerds.”

Adam moves rugs, that are moved for no reason, back into place. Each day that have been moved. “I like to think of myself as more of a buff than a nerd.”

Peter makes intricate patterns of clean floor tile with the zamboni. Some cannot help but be of a certain class. “I’ve got to work on my transitions. I tried to flesh out the scenes a little bit. He finds some of her stuff, calls the operator, gets the numbers, and that is how he finds out where she is, or whatever. But that is also the scene where he sees the car, that is tailing him, for the second time. But actually! By the end of the movie, you realize it’s the third time. When he walks out of the bar, and sees it, that is the first time. The third time, he sees it by accident when looking through he binoculars!”

Adam says, “I never noticed that. Damn!”

Peter sees a sequence playing itself out over the empty showroom. “Drag across, then bing! I like that because it mixes things up.”

Adam bends to pick up a tissue from under a desk, to his greater horror, it is still wet, with something. “Sounds like a nice sequence. What sort of actress do you hope to get to play for the role?”

Peter has to throw his shoulder into the supply room, like a linebacker from the Oakland Raiders circa 1973. That is only to get the damn thing to close.

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