How To Avoid Selling Your Soul For Work — Mop Swingers: Episode 13.

The continuing true story of mop swinging brothers, Adam and Peter, trying to make it in the movie business.

Shift 1515

Then they go to work again, to re-mop the floors. But someone forgot to replenish the clean mop supply. So Adam has to traverse the cold parking lot, to get some of the, “old” mops, from the trunk of the car. Those are the mops which have been used on nights past, and have been sitting in a garbage bag, for who knows how long, in Peter’s trunk. Adam soon returns, covered in snow, with an icy mop in each hand. He drops them on the floor next to the heating vent. The mop swingers have to wait until they thaw out.

Garbage, oil drums and Jets pizza boxes are overturned in front of the garage.

Adam spits, “One could say the place is in repose.” He slides out a chair for himself. “Maybe. Did you hear about that other documentary that came out last year, I think it is called, “Marlon In His Own Words.” They got all these rare audio recordings of Brando, I guess it is just expertly mixed with footage of the time.”

Peter makes a move in online Chess. “It’s probably all gibberish. He seemed legally and mentally impaired. He was either so smart or so dumb. I like that idea of powering his home with electric eagles in his pool. Hey Jack I got an idea.”

Adam looks at his phone, to find that he has been checkmated. “I wonder if it worked.”

Peter looks at Adam, struggling to think of a move. “Does Jack Nicholson still go to every Lakers game with that weird guy with the white hair?”

Adam finds a good counter move. “I think that guy started Capital Records.”

Peter says, “Oh word?”

Adam says, “Word.”

The mops finally thaw out enough to be used. Adam mops under the chair he sat on, then slides it back under the desk. But if the floor is wet, and a chair is moved over it, then black streaks are left on the tile, from the wheels. So Adam pushes the chair, the mops the tile, then pushes the chair, then mops the tile, then pushes the chair, then mops the tile…

Adam says, “If I had a ton of money I’d buy one of those bullet proof SUV’s. All the villains used to drive them in the 90’s. Those kind of boxy looking ones. The Transporter could take out like eight of those things. They actually made a lot of those in Russia. You can still buy one.”

Peter says, “What was that movie that kicked that off? Clear and Present Danger? I think that was the first one that did it.”

Adam opens the supply closet door. “Harrison Ford running around, oh shit! It’s getting hot on the block!”

Peter says, “The block is hot!”

When no one is looking, but the security camera, Adam nearly kicks one the chairs to death, out of frustration.

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