How To Pass The Time At Work Fast — Mop Swingers: Episode 4.

The continuing true story of mop swinging brothers, Adam and Peter, trying to make it in the movie business.

Shift: 1262

Adam stumbles into the van.

Peter, “When I get to the top I’m going to run it like Genghis Khan. This some bullshit.”

Adam, “This other writer was talking about how he fell in love with Shakespeare at a young age. So he started as a play-write. And uh, it was just like, writing obscure plays, working in a bookstore for ten years. Then some agent saw one of his plays. Said, hey, I think you got something. Think of ten movie ideas, ten pitches, fly to L.A. I’ll set up some meetings. We can make some bread. So ten movies, and they are all like, A Mid Summer Nights Dream, mixed with Die Hard. it’s not going well. He’s on the last shot. He just blurts out, King Lear, in the NFL! The executives say, that’s gold. Next day Oliver Stone calls him. Hot damn I love that idea. I’m on board. Meet me in Japan in three days. I’m stuck here doing the press junket for Nixon. And that was his first screen play. So Stone really put him through the paces. Made the fool write twenty six drafts.”

Peter, “God damn!”

Adam, “It’s weird how sometimes you can get in there with just a single sentence.”

Peter, “It’s a fickle business. What chance do some mop swingers have?

Peter, “If I can’t get this movie made by the end of September, that’s it. I’m done. Going to settle in for a life of tube socks and a garage connected to a house.”

Adam, “Keep showing up. That’s all you got to do. Its never one thing. Everything you do is adding to this snowball. And it’s going to be a giant by the time it gets to the bottom of the hill. And it will be there, waiting for you.”

Peter, “If you weren’t my brother I’d have you committed.”

In a spooky doctor’s office, Peter pushes a large garbage can on wheels. He is scooping garbage bags out of the cans. Adam walks a few feet behind, filling the empty cans with bags.

Peter, “I also heard that scene in Taxi Driver where he buying the gun from that weird guy — “

A soiled pair of whitey tighties is jammed behind the radiator. What might be old spaghetti sauce is smeared on the ceiling.

Adam, “Great scene.”

Peter, “That guy was really Scorsese’s cocaine and gun dealer.

Adam, “He wanted to sell him the little snub nose. He obviously knew Travis Bickle planned on shooting some people. Not for no target practice.”

Peter, “Should they have a scene where they are working on the engine and stuff?”

Adam, “Absolutely. I’d say it is essential.”

Peter, “I heard that is a experienced wheel man’s technique. They put a powerful engine in a weak looking car. Takes off like the old 55 Chevy in Two Lane Black Top.”

Adam, “I like that idea a lot. Reminds me of Bringing Out The Dead.”

Peter, “What was that guys name? I can’t recall off the top of my head.”

Adam, “Conrad Hall?”

Peter, “No. He did Clue. A lot of early Woody Allen movies. Annie Hall. I love how that movie looks. I looks like real life. What you’re watching isn’t real, and the editing is exciting, but now color correction has gone way overboard. If you think about Oh Brother Where Art though. The first movie that was really color corrected. Not a perfect medium. More of a fad.”