The Body Stops. The Mind Keeps Working — Mop Swingers: Episode 19.

The continuing true story of mop swinging brothers, Adam and Peter, trying to make it in the movie business.

Shift 1600

The time is the start of Sunday morning, and the sun is rising over Peter and Adam going to work. They are listening to the oldies radio station. Norman Greenbaum sings about the joy of dying and going to the place that’s the best.

Peter flips the dial. “That track must be almost a hundred years old. And it still sounds brand new today.”

Adam rolls down the window. “It’s not that old. But it’s older than us.”

Peter says, “I like that song called, “The Battle of The Republic.”

Adam says, “Who is that?”

Peter tries to scratch the answer out of his mind. “I’m not sure.”

Adam makes a left turn, “Was that from the beginning of The Wild Bunch?”

Peter says, “Wait. Was it? Oh, shit.”

Adam says, “It sounds similar.”

Peter looks concerned. “I hope not. I wanted to use it in my movie. It would work well over a trailer for a Flashman picture. Its all about seeking glory and all that. So it would be fun to play over a cynical reprisal of history.”

Adam smiles. “Indeed. That part where William Holden kicks the dress off his shoe really fucked me up as a kid. That was when I knew, this movie is not fucking around.”

Peter says, “Perhaps we did see that at too young an age.”

Adam says, “I don’t think there is too young an age to see great movies.”

It is one of those delicious hours of time, when a deadly winter is going to sleep, and spring is waking up. Yet the brothers take the trusty cleaning supplies out of the trunk, and venture into a place of shadows.

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