The Kings Of Work — Mop Swingers: Episode 20.

The continuing true story of mop swinging brothers, Adam and Peter, trying to make it in the movie business.

Shift 1601

The mop swingers find themselves in hallways of darkness. The straightforward path is gone. Adam escaped these places many years ago. He never thought he would return. The thought alone of this place was enough to renew that overwhelming fear.

Adam rubs some fog off the passenger mirror. “I heard a Top Gun sequel is in the works. If that is not an automatic cash cow I don’t know what is.”

Peter rolls down his window. “They should have made it before Tom Cruise lost his marbles.

Adam pulls what looks like a baby Chupacabra out of the vacuum tube. “Tony Scott killing himself put it on ice for awhile.”

Peter says, “That was sad. Ridley Scott said it was brain cancer that made him do it. But I heard, unsubstantiated.”

“Makes it easier to deal with.”

Peter says, “I saw a picture of him on his last birth day, hanging out with Simon from American Idle, and Usher. Ridley did not seem pleased.”

“Sounds like a tough evening.”

Peter, “It would be interesting to see wildly successful people hanging out with each other. I’m sure no one likes each other. To many big egoes.”

Adam says, “It’s the difference between a Ray Liotta Performance in Killing Them and Street Kings 2.”

Adam says, “Indeed.”

Peter “,That scene where he got punched out of the house actually happened. They had to straighten him out.

Adam, “That scene where he got beat up unfortunately influenced you forever. The fight scenes you write always gross me out in a similar way.”

Peter, “You’re right. Perhaps. I liked how to heavies had to talk themselves into it.”

Adam, “That’s true. A similar thing like from Friends of Eddie Coyle. That is a theme that author likes.”

Peter, “Like Logan’s Run.”

Adam, “You mean Cogan’s Trade.”

Peter, “Uh, yes.”

Adam, “Those are two very different projects.”

Peter, “O R they?”

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