Working With Spartacus-Mop Swingers: Episode 6.

The continuing true story of mop swinging brothers, Adam and Peter, trying to make it in the movie business.

Shift: 1437

Peter drives the van. Adam is in the passenger seat, writing something in a notepad.

Peter says, “In that business, the Bible is the brief. The bible is the mother fucking brief!”

Adam says, “Better learn how to stop at these stop signs. It’s a high traffic area for the police.”

Peter says, “As soon as I saw Sin City I was sick of Sin City. The stinking yellow bastard!”

Adam says, “I was looking at that list you sent of Scorsese’s 11 favorite horror flicks.”

Peter says, “Check out Night of The Demon? I should get some respect for that. That movie is not everywhere.”

Adam says, “Even in the article they were like, we wished we put this on our list because it would have made us look cooler.”

Peter says, “Yeah. Yeah. That movie gets like one showing around Halloween at 2 o’clock on TCM.”

Adam says, “I knew the Exorcist would be on there.”

Peter says, “It’s on everyone’s list. You know, I follow him on Instagram.”

Adam says, “Who? Scorsese?”

Peter says, “It’s not that cool. It’s mostly him, with his daughter. Who is like 12 and taking all these provocative pictures.”

Adam says, “I thought he is one of those people who doesn’t use the internet. Like, doesn’t even have an email.”

They unload equipment from the van, while the Ford employees, Art and Jimmy chill in the waiting room, watching Animal Planet.

They walk through the door with various forms of cleaning equipment.

Peter says, “What’s good Art?”

Art says, “Watch this! I’m about to show ya’ll something.”

Art goes and stands right next to Jimmy, turns around, puts his butt near his face and lets loose a very loud fart.

Art says, “How you like that one Jimmy?”

Jimmy reals back. “God damn! Boy you better check you drawers. That sounded like a wet fart to me! You done shit yo pants.”

Art says, “I don’t give a fuck! I’m about to go home anyway.”

Not one to be out done. Jimmy calls one of his lower assistants, Dave into the room.

Eager to please, the assistant arrives. Jimmy farts in his hand, and slaps the kid in the face.

Dave says, “Ahhh! I told you not to do that. I get no respect around here.”

Jimm says, “Got to pay your dues around here boy. Like my main men Adam and Peter over here.”

Dave is flabbergasted, and leaves to continue his obscure duties.

Jimmy settles back in for more Animal Planet.

Peter plugs in the vacuum. Adam starts emptying garbage cans.

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