Mubasheer Shaik
May 28, 2019 · 2 min read

Create a Laravel migration to update/add fields to the table

In this example, we have to add an extra six fields in the “users” table.

Extra fields:

  1. first name
  2. last name
  3. set address
  4. city
  5. state
  6. zip

Create migration:

create a new migration to add fields to the users table.

php artisan make:migration add_fields_to_users

A new migration has been created under database/migrations folder in your application:

Now time to add extra fields in the migration file. Open the migration file and add the following code inside the public function up() method

public function up()
Schema::table('users', function (Blueprint $table) {
public function down()
Schema::table(‘contacts’, function (Blueprint $table) {

Finally, execute the below command in the terminal:

php artisan migrate

All the extra six fields we specified is added in the “users” table.

Hope this helps! Happy coding!!

Mubasheer Shaik

Written by

Tech lead, GKB LABS.

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