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We’ll be publishing all blog posts and research pieces there going forwards!

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dYdX is launching Perpetual Contract Markets that enable trading of any non-Ethereum based asset. The first market to go live is entering private Alpha today: BTC-USDC with up to 10x leverage. Sign up to apply for early access.

Note: Perpetual Contracts on dYdX are not available in the US.

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Perpetual Contract Markets

Perpetuals have been popularized by a number of centralized exchanges over the last few years — allowing users to get synthetic exposure to BTC and other crypto assets without an expiration date. …

TLDR: dYdX is building a business model around the exchange. We are introducing trading fees starting Mar 10, 2020. There are separate taker and maker fees, based on each trading pair. Our goal is to earn consistent revenue as a company, and incentivize provision of more liquidity on dYdX.

We wanted to be transparent about how we as a company think about business models, and how we came to a decision around trading fees.

Protocol vs Exchange

As a company that has built both a protocol and a product, we have often said publicly that we could eventually capture value on either one…

Learn how to quickly spin up a trading bot on dYdX

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Programmatic trading on decentralized exchanges has historically been complicated and different than what traders are used to on traditional exchanges. At dYdX we’ve made the DEX programmatic trading experience simple and familiar through our easy-to-use clients and trading API. Read on to learn how to build a trading bot on dYdX!

Trading on dYdX

First we’ll start with a brief overview of how trading on dYdX works, before getting into how to trade programmatically. …

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To date, the biggest sector by far for decentralized applications has been lending & borrowing crypto assets. Several high quality products have been built that allow users to borrow and lend directly on the Ethereum blockchain with no intermediaries. Decentralized lending products are available to anyone, anywhere, and require only an Ethereum wallet to use. These products are already seeing real usage today with total USD volumes in the hundreds of millions.

Use Cases


Crypto holders can lend on decentralized lending platforms to earn passive income on their holdings through interest fees paid by borrowers. This is an attractive option to lenders…

The most powerful open trading platform for crypto assets

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Today we’re excited to announce a new dYdX — the most powerful open trading platform for crypto assets. Central to this announcement is a brand new product that is entering Alpha on mainnet today — sign up here now!

The new dYdX supports:

  • Trading on margin with up to 4x leverage through custom, non-tokenized, positions
  • Borrowing and lending, with no minimums or lock up periods
  • Management of your portfolio of assets and positions


Last year, we made an important decision to build user facing products in addition to the base protocol…

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We’re excited to announce the dYdX Margin Trading Protocol has launched on the Kovan Testnet! Along with the launch, we’re also open sourcing the smart contract code for the protocol.

The launch includes:

Our protocol smart contracts are…

I’m excited to announce that dYdX has raised an equity seed round led by Chris Dixon at Andreessen Horowitz and Olaf Carlson-Wee at Polychain Capital. This is a big step on dYdX’s journey to create the first ever decentralized derivatives exchange. Other investors include Fred Ehrsam, Brian Armstrong, Elad Gil, Scott Belsky, Avichal Garg, Kindred Ventures, Abstract Ventures, 1confirmation, and many more great angel and seed investors.

We’re grateful to have the investor and advisor support of experienced entrepreneurs and operators who share our vision of building more open, transparent, and secure financial products through decentralization.

We will use the…

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The Protocol for Decentralized Derivatives

Today we’re announcing dYdX, a decentralized protocol for financial derivatives built on the Ethereum blockchain.

dYdX enables trustless peer-to-peer short sells and options on any ERC20 token. The protocol is open source and free to use.

Learn more at dydx.exchange, read our whitepaper, or join us on slack. We will be open sourcing the contracts and launching a beta exchange platform soon.

The rise of decentralized technology has led to an explosion of blockchain based digital assets. Many centralized and decentralized platforms designed to facilitate the efficient exchange of these assets already exist, and more are in development. Such platforms…

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Connect your existing identity to the Ethereum Blockchain

You can now cryptographically link your Ethereum addresses to a Keybase account on Weipoint. Keybase accounts can be linked with sites like Github and Facebook, making it possible to connect your full existing digital identity to the blockchain. Try it out at weipoint.com/wallet/verify or view my own proof at weipoint.com/service/keybase/antonioj

Antonio Juliano

Founder of dYdX. Previously software engineer @Coinbase and @Uber. CS @Princeton

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