Amazon Prime Now Launches Its Singapore Branch On 27 July 2017

Amazon Prime Now Offers 2- Hours Free Delivery

Free 2 Hours Delivery within Singapore. The orders rushed in like crazy and busted its delivery services as many customers are complaining about the delay and not being able to check out with the 2-hours delivery service.

Amazon is the 4th biggest company in USA and is worth half a trillion US$! Freaking huge giant online retailer!

Amazon Prime Now Services

So, if you buy a lot online, you should definitely sign up for the Prime Now services as Amazon will be hitting the market big time.

30 days free trial and you can opt for US$10.99 per month or US$99 per year there after. Damn worth it for people who do a lot of online purchases. In addition to free delivery, Amazon Prime Now also offers other services.

Amazon Prime Now Services Offered

How Do You Sign Up?

1) Click onto Amazon Prime Now

2) Sign up for your Amazon Prime Now

3) Free 30-days trial for you to enjoy shopping with free delivery for orders above S$40.

And for those who are interested to take advantage of the trend of ecommerce, check out how to ride on the Amazon Prime Launches & Its Effect!