A Birthday note to myself

Today, I am completing a milestone in my life, and entering a new age. This was the time I was eagerly looking for and expected more from myself, had a long to-do list of things to be done before I entered the new age. Some are done, some aren’t. May be even did something more.

I always got the benefit of staying ahead of age/time. When my parents skipped my pre-KG one and admitted me in the pre-KG two class, I got an extra one year and lived a life one year ahead all the time. I studied with people who were elder than me, that gave me knowledge and insight to grow faster than my actual growth. And thanks to mom, she taught me everything carefully and seriously in the early childhood as I was the first child for them. That helped me to form the ‘self’ in myself. I could listen it later from an audio cassette that my dad recorded, the bits and pieces of my childhood, how they grew me up.

And thanks to dad, he opened up me a world full of knowledge, made me free and let me pursue my dreams. My home was full of books, magazines and archives. He used to write stories, poems and articles in magazines. That helped me read more and fall in love with books and words. When he came back home everyday, I used to search for the new books with him. And somedays, a rickshaw full of books!

I always wanted to stay different from the crowd. Crowd irritated me in the past, now I’ve learned to work with people. Getting a computer was a dream in my school days. I made a logo for ‘Paint’ and put it on the shelf where I kept painting tools, that was the only thing I could do to feel like I own MS Paint in Windows.

I spent a lot of time to dreaming, dreaming and dreaming. So, it grew to be an endless journey. When I think of these times in my childhood perspective, I should be a superhero now, as everyone dream. But life gives you ups and downs, and we’re happy with it. After 10th, I didn’t go for normal ‘typical’ schooling. But I learned more things, and I learned things differently. That created a whole new perspective in my thoughts and life, also I got an opportunity to taste the bits and pieces of different topics. And I learned things quick, things that fascinated me.

This is a crucial time. Everybody will be looking to this time very hopefully and critically when it comes closer. Nothing will happen if I live life like before and it will be just another birthday for me. But, I took something in concern to realize, rethink and renovate into a new way- to find a new perspective of my life. I’ve thought of some points / resolutions that I will follow. Also it can be changed / altered to better ways.

1. Time to upgrade.

Upgrade myself to the next level. Personally & professionally — developing myself, achieving new skill-sets, finding new levels — in every aspect.

2. Global is the new perspective.

Be a global citizen. Go around. Travel. Find new things. Meet new people. Explore new perspectives of life.

3. Reach to more people.

People always fascinate me- how beautiful they are and the things they do. The love and care of the people we meet, who help us, work with us and some amaze us with a few seconds of life. From this time, the pursuit will be to reach more people, meet more amazing human beings, help and serve more people with whatever I can / I have.

4. Get settled. But don’t settle.

It’s not about the normal “getting settles”, like have a home, buy a car and have a good wife. Facilitate myself with basic / needed facilities that help me achieve things, get more and keep going, and Don’t Settle the pursuit.

5. Work on personal projects.

I used to write. Got published in papers and magazines. Some old friends ask me ‘why don’t you write now?’ I’m re-looking into it seriously. I used to draw, paint, design etc. I took weeks to finish a drawing or paining that didn’t bore me. That gave me pleasure — seeing my lines and fine tuning it again, feeling the beauty of a calligraphy I sketched. And that will be something useful for humankind than just for fun. So, new works, books, creative projects are coming.

6. Be a kid, more.

Have the curiosity of a child. You feel the world more amazing! Explore more and find new things.

I hope you all enjoying your life better than me. Keep going. If you find it’s not that good, move on. You’re not a tree!

Happy Birthday to myself. Let the coming days be more inspiring.

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