Why are we Entrepreneurs?

“An Entrepreneur is someone who jump off a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down.”

Entrepreneurship is always exciting. It is a journey we travel and the interest towards the vision that makes it more exciting. Enjoy the journey and make your dreams truly awesome!

In my voyage from a designer to a creative business person, I’ve found some interesting things that really made me. Interestingly, it’s the story of most of us.

1. We kickstart.
Yes. We start off things. We come up with interesting and innovative ideas that find solutions or make life better and exciting.

2. We walk in the forefront.
We will be the leaders. We won’t look back or wait to someone to come up. We walk in the front and explore challenges.

3. We take risks.
We are excited to see the challenges and enthusiastic to face it. And we celebrate when we break it.

4. We learn a lot.
Everything in front of us will be a great lesson to us, even it is a kid or small bird. We use the opportunity to learn everytime and keep growing.

5.We enjoy the journey.
We are uncertain about the destination, but we know the journey is important. We take things positively and enjoy the journey throughout.

6. We see things with a longer vision.
We see beyond. We envision what others don’t. We look forward, watch high.

7. We build, we break, we build something better.
We try, experiment, change, innovate and keep doing it.

8. We may fall, and rise better.
We go down and come back with better things.

9. We are driven by energy.
Energy is everything. This is our motivational force. We ignite ourselves and push people ahead.

10. We search problems and we find fixes.
We are solution architects. We look for problems and come up with the best fix with lots of experiments and experience.

11. We keep it going.
We hate staying still. We keep things moving, moving fast.

12. We love what we do.
And, we love what we do and we do what we love.

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