Does size matter….??

No, don’t get excited….This article isn’t what you think it is about! Yesterday a video was circulating on social media of supermodel GiGi Hadid at Milan fashion week. The video showed her being jumped from behind by a celebrity prankster, whilst her bodyguard was caught napping. (See video)

Should this incident have even happened?

The short answer is, No. A Bodyguard is employed to mitigate the risk of such things happening and maintain the safety of the principal (GiGi). If the prankster had sinsister intentions the outcome could have been a lot worse, even life threatening. In this case the outcome was embarrassment & damage to her public image, with headlines like the one below.

How it went down…

It was a basic pick up, in short you want to get the principal (Gigi) from A (the venue) to B (the vehicle) via the quickest and safest way possible. In this instance the vehicle is too far away from the pick up point, and whilst moving through a crowd her bodyguard committed the cardinal sin of leaving her alone, a big NO NO. When you are moving the principal from A-B that is when they are at their most vulnerable, so in a nut shell this is when you need to be extra sharp.

How it should have went down…

It is really simple, get the car as close to the pick up point as possible to minimise the transition time between point A & B. Then stay close to the principal and secure them in the vehicle before driving away….easy! If walking through a dense crowd is unavoidable, the bodyguard should be remain tight to the principal until they are safe. There are other options too, such as using an alternate pick up point like exiting through a back door of the venue or utilising venue security staff (if there is any) to support you. Another alternative is to use a second vehicle as a decoy (if you have one) to deceive the crowd, while you get your principal away safely. I have used this technique before and it worked well. Another point is that the prankster has a track record of attending celebrity events, the ‘prankster risk’ should have been highlighted prior to the job taking place….knowledge is wisdom.

Brains over brawn….

A lot of celebrities tend to go for big bodyguards. But, the bigger the bodyguard doesn’t mean a better level of protection, it can actually be counter productive. The forward thinking security professionals amongst us know that the biggest muscle you can flex is your brain. There is more to the job than meets the eye, not only are we there to provide physical protection but we are there to maintain the image & reputation of the principal and save them from embarrassment. In my opinion size doesn’t matter, some of the best bodyguards are the ones you can’t see. What does matter is your ability to use your brain to do the job & do it well…..As the old saying goes, you’re only as good as your last job.